Derivatives Trading, with No Intermediaries

No centralized exchanges, clearinghouses, depositories, clearing banks, CSD participants etc. required.

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Trade with no intermediaries - at all

Blockchain based infrastructure allows traders to directly trade high value vanilla/exotic derivatives with each other without any banks or brokers or any other intermediary, with no settlement risk and minimal counterparty risk.

Designed for both traditional finance and crypto

Starting with cryptocurrency options, more derivatives types and traditional finance derivatives also in pipeline. For both, everything is completely on-chain end-to-end. Clearing and settlement happen automatically via smart contracts.

On-Chain Clearing House

Smart contracts based automated and decentralized clearing house for capital efficient trading

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Enjoy peace of mind

Completely non-custodial, assets and trades are always in control of trading institutions

Fully automated, no manual decision making behind the scenes

Decentralized, open-source, fully transparent.

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(Co-Founder & CEO)

Deepanshu brings a wealth of leadership and industry experience, having been at the center of global derivatives industry for more than 8 years. He is passionate about revolutionizing financial derivatives landscape.

(Co-Founder & CTO)

Smit is a quant with years of experience in building algorithms for financial derivatives trading across the globe. He is passionate about bringing a new paradigm in derivatives trading space.

(Head of Research)

Amit has 6+ years of experience working as Quantitative Strategist, building models for trading equities across all major exchanges. He is passionate about the blockchain technology and role of decentralised finance in disrupting the financial derivatives market.

(Head of BD)

Surbhi has over 7 years of experience across derivatives trading, structuring, investing and business development. She has worked with Chesapeake group (M&A), Willis Tower Watson and her more recent stints include Deutsche Börse, Eurex and GSR.